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Louise Lexis & Brianna Julien

Teaching human physiology


Supporting student scientists and STEM educators since 2009

Working at the Melbourne campus at La Trobe University, Dr Louise Lexis and Dr Brianna Julien lecture in human physiology, teaching students throughout their science degrees. Louise and Brianna specialize in supporting students to develop research and communication skills, allowing them to become accomplished scientists and scientifically literate citizens.

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La Trobe University

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Areas of Practice

How to do science etext

How to do science: a guide to researching human physiology has been written for students of the life sciences who are actively engaged in the scientific process. A lot of support is available for students learning scientific facts, but we found that it was harder to find resources to support students to become scientists. This guide introduces you to what it means to be a scientist.

scientific communication

As with all forms of communication, literature reviews, scientific research articles, oral communications and poster presentations need to be prepared and delivered according to specific guidelines and using particular language. We have developed scaffolded tasks that give students authentic opportunities to practice communcating to scientific peers.


Future employers and post-graduate selection panels will actively seek evidence from prospective applicants that demonstrates employability skills. We have developed scaffolded tasks that can be embedded in existing curriculum (subject- and course-wide) to support students to develop their employability skills.

student-driven research

Students must be given the opportunity to engage in authentic scientific activities throughout their degree, while supported by academic facilitators. We have developed scaffolded research projects that give student teams the chance to carry out the activities of practicing scientists, ranging from designing experiments to presenting their findings to scientific peers.

communicating science

Advancement of society is dependent on the scientific literacy of its citizens. Improving the scientific literacy in our communities depends on the ability of science-educated individuals to reach out to our citizens and communicate science to them in an engaging way. We developed a project to help students to develop scientific communication skills that promote effective communication between science professionals and a non-scientific audience.

course administration

Coordination of a course is a challenging task. We have created simple resources to help academics and professional staff to work together to administer a complex course to a large cohort of students.


We must all obey the great law of change. It is the most powerful law of nature.
— Edmund Burke


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